Livestream is a great way to market and showcase your talent

We are here to serve SAG-AFTRA talent on the central coast

Get ready to learn:

The ins and outs of how livestream broadcasting with apps like Periscope and Blab can promote your career

How to create professional streams

ow to quickly make long-lasting friends and future collaborators for your upcoming projects

The Periscope Checklist Ebook has been endorsed by top Scopers! Check out their comments below and ask how you can get yours!

Check out the FAB Periscope Training by hitting the link below

Enjoy and thank you so very much!

Carrie, @PeriscopeQueen👑


  1. admin says:

    Again, T♓️❎ so very much for your help It is to be hoped that you learned at least 1 thing new that will add to your Scoping!

  2. Heather Santo says:

    I just love this ebook! So much information packed into a quick and easy read! If you have never scoped before, this guide will get you ready to go in minutes! NO kidding!

    The good news is you can learn from all of the mistakes made before you and get your scopes off to a great start. You’ll also learn how to be a great presenter and participant.Carrie makes Periscope accessible to the masses easily with her fun and entertaining way of explaining the world of scoping (you’ll learn vocabulary words too so you can be ready with the lingo!)
    Get ready to get your scope on!

  3. maree says:

    Awesome ebook, fun,colourful and takes the guess work out of creating a fabulous scope. Carrie shares lots of tips that will help you get started and put you at ease in front of the camera, ensuring you get the most out of scoping and participating in other scopes.
    Enjoy the journey of periscope

  4. Doug Cohen says:

    Really nice job Carrie – well thought out, fun and informative – just like everything about Periscope itself should be! This hits all the basic points to get someone going and it captures the spirit of the growing Periscope community. Thank you also for the lovely shoutout!

  5. Chuck Moran says:

    Terrific job, Carrie! Your info-packed Periscope Checklist will help many people get started broadcasting and consuming videos on this exciting new platform. I also recommend it to anyone who is already scoping to make sure they’re doing it correctly and effectively (I’ve seen a number of Scopes that would’ve been SO much better had the Scoper known about and adhered to your Checklist). I love how you discuss some of your earlier social media challenges and I can see how Periscope is such a great outlet for your considerable background in filmmaking.

    Your Checklist is practical, succinct, colorful and a delight to read … highly recommended! I love learning from pros like you! No wonder they call you the Periscope Queen!

  6. Holly Gillen says:

    Bam! This is jammed packed with all sorts of goodness. Carrie knows what she’s talking about.

    Did I say packed! Overflowing with amazing tip, after amazing tip. <3 it!

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